Why use Safe Watch?

Seniors today are more active than ever. Safe Watch is the perfect personal emergency safety device to help you or your loved ones stay safe and independent no matter where they are.

What is Safe Watch?

Safe Watch is an easy to use, push screen PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) that instantly connects you with our 24/7 monitoring service. Our monitoring service can contact emergency 911 or any of your 10 contacts. We also keep any important medical information on file to inform anyone of your pertinent medical needs. Built into Safe Watch is a GPS that can be activated to find the location of anyone wearing Safe Watch. Unlike other PERS devices, Safe Watch by Monsignor gives you coverage everywhere you go! Unlike older, antiquated technology, Safe Watch works in the home, in the yard or across the country, anywhere there is cellular service.

Safe Watch can be worn 3 ways: on a lanyard, as a clip on or as a watch. It also comes with a convenient docking station. It's the simplest and easiest way to insure the safety of your loved ones.

To call for help, you don’t have to do anything except press a button. It’s as easy as pressing a garage door opener. Once the button is pressed, one of our trained emergency operators will speak to you. Your Safe Watch device has been tested to have clear communication (speak and hear) if you were 10 feet away from the microphone and speaker. You don't need to place your ear or mouth next to the watch to be heard by the Safe Watch Monitoring Center. The specialist will be able to hear you and you will be able to hear clearly and with volume. The volume for the speaker and microphone has been set automatically within the hardware, so that the user does not accidently lower the volume too low to be heard in case of emergency.

The power of your Safe Watch will keep you or your family member well protected anywhere in the USA. Your Safe Watch will know where you are with its built-in GPS (learn more about Global Positioning System) and its Nationwide Cellular Tower access. Feel confident in this product that it will do its job, order yours today!

Amazing!! Great little device, perfect to take hiking b/c lightweight and replaces the need of hiking with a bulky cell phone just for emergency's sake!

- Safe Watch User, Virginia Beach VA

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